Monday 16 December 2013

Have you ever struggled with lack of Oven space? Lakeland have the perfect solution!

Oven Add-a-Shelf
At Christmas time have you ever struggled with lack of oven space?  I struggle every year but now I have found the perfect solution at Lakeland.  

This free-standing oven rack adds a shelf so you can cook another dish – perfect for Christmas Day or when entertaining.
  • Adds an oven shelf so you can cook an extra dish.
  • Uses wasted space at the bottom of an oven.
  • Helpful for batch bakers.
  • Still leaves room to warm plates.
This free-standing, stainless steel rack sits on the base of the oven and instantly adds a shelf.
This product is fantastic and a definite must-have if you are cooking Christmas dinner or if you entertain on a regular basis.
Fits ovens over 38cm (15") wide, and is safe up to 230°C (avoid direct contact with the element or flame).
A great investment at £20.99 from Lakeland

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