Monday, 7 November 2016

Vonshef Belgian Waffle Maker gives you heaven on a plate!

Vonshef Belgian Waffle Maker 

I love, love, love this kitchen appliance… If you love kitchen gadgets this is the must-have gadget for your Christmas wish list!

The Vonshef Belgian Waffle Maker can make 4 waffles at the same time.  It is extremely easy to use – prepare your waffle batter and in a few minutes you have a plate of mouth-watering, thick and freshly baked waffles.  BE WARNED – they are extremely addictive!

The waffle maker is non-stick so makes it very easy to clean and remove the waffles.

Once you have tasted these waffles you will never look at a shop bought waffle again!  Waffles are served throughout the world as a delicious sweet dessert and can be topped with anything you fancy from ice cream and chocolate to fruit and nuts. Using our quad waffle iron is so easy that you may find yourself having waffles at all times of the day, you have been warned! Why not try them for breakfast with some fruit and yoghurt or perhaps peanut butter.

I highly recommend this product – your family and friends will love it too! 

To purchase this wonderful product go to

Monday, 22 August 2016

Awaken your taste buds with Sinclair Condiments!

If you love condiments you will absolutely adore the Sinclair Condiments fantastic range of sauces.  Before trying the sauces I heard that they were good but I did not think they would be this good. 

The multi-award winning range consists of 6 sauces which have all been made with fresh ingredients, no artificial ingredients and are created with their own unique recipes.

Hot Banana Ketchup – before tasting this sauce I was unsure whether I would like it.  However, it tasted amazing – it definitely awakens your taste buds.  The sauce is recommended to go with Burgers, Hot Dogs, Bacon Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries.

Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup – This is a great twist to tomato ketchup, you can tell that it has been made with fresh red peppers.  It has an amazing flavour and will go with lots of different food types.

Scotch Bonnet Sauce – this is a brilliant sauce that can add heat and spice to any meal or recipe.  It is a beautifully clean tasting fruity sauce with just the right amount of heat.

Smokey Naga – Wow!  If you like heat you will love this sauce.  It is for serious chilli addicts – deep and spicy with lip smacking smokiness.  This sauce is ideal for spicing up any recipe or dish.

Jalapeño & Lime – I love this sauce – I used it as a salad dressing but can be used as a sauce or marinade.  It is delicate, mild and zesty with a gentle kick – delicious!

Smokey Chipotle Ketchup – A perfect sauce to give your meal a beautiful sweet smokiness.

Every single one of these sauces awakens your taste buds, I honestly can’t say which is my favourite as they are all AMAZING!   I am officially a Sinclair Condiments Addict.

You can purchase these wonderful sauces from Holland & Barrett, Morrisons or any of these local distributors

To find out more about these wonderful sauces check out and follow them on Twitter @SCondimentsCo

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Heartsease Farm Sparkling Drinks – Summer in a Glass!

Summer may not have arrived yet but why not get an amazing taste of summer with the Heartsease Farm drinks range.

This fantastic range of carbonated spring water flavoured with natural flavours and fruit juices comes in 6 different flavours;

Elderflower Pressé – a great visual replacement for Prosecco or champagne.  Tastes great, you can actually taste the Elderflower unlike a lot of brands – delicious and refreshing!

Raspberry Lemonade – Made with natural raspberry juices, a wonderful refreshing drink.

British Blackcurrant Crush – Very fresh & fruity with a true blackcurrant taste.

Fiery Ginger Beer – Just delicious with a kick!

Apple & Rhubarb – Simply delicious, summer in a glass!

Traditional Lemonade – A beautiful drink – very lemony and not too sweet, a definite thirst quencher.

They are available from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Harvey Nichols, Ocado and Farm shops around the country from £2.

I can’t tell you which one is my favourite as they are all delicious and a perfect drink for any occasion.  They could be used as an alternative to alcohol or a wonderful mixer for your favourite spirit.

I highly recommend this range of beautiful & refreshing drinks – perfect for the summer (when it eventually arrives).

Monday, 7 March 2016

Superfoods 24/7 by Jessica Nadel

Superfoods 24/7 by Jessica Nadel

Superfoods 24/7 is a great book with delicious recipes for Superfoods at everymeal.  I’m a meat-eater and when you look through the recipes you don’t realise that they are all vegan. 

There are over 100 innovative vegan recipes that pack a serious nutritional punch with more than 35 superfoods.  If you’re trying to pack more nutrients into your diet without taking supplements this is the book for you.

Superfoods 24/7 is here to bring delicious, healthy antioxidant rich ingredients to every meal of the day from breakfast to dessert. 

My favourite recipes include;
Lucuma Almond-Butter Shake
Adzuki Bean & Pumpkin Chilli
Pepita Pesto-Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Sundried Tomato & Coconut Quinoa Burgers
Sweet Potato Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Spaghetti & Quinoa ‘Meatballs’
Lemon Chai Poppyseed Loaf
Minty Matcha Nanaimo Bars

Jessica Nadel is the author and is also author to the brilliant blog, Cupcakes and Kale.

I highly recommend this book if you are trying to pack more nutrients into your diet without having to pass on comfort food.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Year in Cheese: A Seasonal Cheese Cookbook

A Year In Cheese: A Seasonal Cheese Cookbook
by Alex & Leo Guarneri

I love Cheese!  This book is a fantastic addition to my cookbook collection.  Every recipe is mouthwatering and is accompanied with beautiful photography.

My favourite recipes have to be;- 
Portobello Mushrooms stuffed with Walnuts & Gorgonzola
Brillat-Savarin Cheesecake with Marinated Cherries
Bavettes au Roquefort
 Emmental, Brie & Serrano Ham Croquettes
 Mongomery Cheddar and Pale Ale Rarebit with Cauliflower

A Year in Cheese comes from the team behind famous artisan cheese shop Androuet, which was established in Paris in 1909 and opened in fashionable Spitalfields in London in 2009. The fromagerie and restaurant Androuet specialises in seasonal cheese from France, Britain and beyond and supplies cheese to many acclaimed restaurants, including Duck & Waffle and Terroirs. Just like fruit, veg and meat, cheese is seasonal. Seasonal cheese is about listening to nature, understanding the grazing cycle of the animal that's being milked, knowing what they're grazing on at which time of year, and recognising optimal maturing times. This beautiful and inventive cookbook introduces the idea of seasonal cheese, starting with a brief introduction to which cheeses are at their prime at which time of year, followed by dozens of exceptional recipes each using an easy-to-find seasonal cheese.


Bake Box - a wonderful subscription box for bakers

Prior to Christmas I received a fantastic subscription box especially for baking.  It was beautifully packaged and contained Christmas Themed Bakeware goodies.  
The box contained:
* Gingerbread House Silicon Moulds
* Snow Flake Cake Mould
* Star Shaped Cutters
* Chocolate/Sweet Moulds
* Professional Food Colourings
* Recipe Cards
* Complimentary access to Bake Club Live
Every 2 months there is a different theme for only £14.99 and you will receive over £40 worth of equipment.  This is the ideal purchase for any keen baker or a fabulous gift for a friend or family member.
Order yours today 

 Bake Box is the brand new subscription box designed for blossoming bakers to build up a brilliant repertoire of new skills as well as a collection of great baking equipment. Bake Box will be the first of its kind available in the UK and includes recipe cards for 6 stunning bakes and the tools needed to transform any cake into a showstopper.
Learn the tricks of the trade and to bake like a pro with each bi-monthly delivery including:
·      At least 6 specially curated bakeware items
Each box contains everything you need to create 6 amazing new recipes all around a specific theme. Two of the pieces will be innovative bakeware pieces that are not available on the high street. 
·      6 full colour step-by-step recipe cards
Each box contains 6 fully illustrated recipe cards. The cards feature a step-by-step guide to baking the perfect cakes & desserts and decorating them in a truly unique way. Recipes to include two hero recipes, one show-stopping cake recipe, one dessert recipe and two simpler recipes that are great to make with children.

 ·      Decorating kits from Rainbow Dust
Bake Box have teamed up with Rainbow Dust to offer subscribers fantastic professional-grade cake decorating products that will add the ultimate finishing touch to bakes. 

 ·      Complimentary access to Bake Club Live
With a subscription to the Bake Box you automatically receive complimentary access to the Bake Club Live site. Here you can check out masterclass videos, receive bonus recipes and show endless possibilities for new creations using your new professional toolkit!
Bake Box won’t break the bank either. At £14.99 per month, it’s great value for money as each box contains at least £40 worth of equipment. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

A Life In Food - Bea Tollman

A Life in Food – Bea Tollman

Beatrice Tollman, President and founder of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, has published a cookbook that is her memoir of “A Life in Food”. This book is a celebration of recipes that have either been passed down in the family or discovered while travelling, and all have been perfected from her own personal experience and expertise in the kitchen.

I love that this book tells a story of a very interesting life and the inspiration behind each recipe.  The recipes are simple, very easy to follow and the ingredients are easily sourced.

My favourite recipes include;
Chicken Bouillabaisse
Duck Cottage Pie
Meringue Layer Cake
Shrimp Stroganoff

"A Life in Food" is available at all Red Carnation Hotels and by mail order, priced £25.00, and all the proceeds will go to Bea Tollman's favourite charities - Starlight Children's Foundation and The Tick Tock Club (Great Ormond Street).

You can also purchase the book online