Tuesday 15 October 2013

Baking with Love with Mason Cash - Heart Mixing Bowls

Red Hearts Mixing BowlHearts Mixing BowlPink Hearts Mixing Bowl
Baking with Love with Mason Cash - Heart Mixing Bowls

These bowls are timeless and bring back so many memories of baking with my Grandma.  The Heart Mixing Bowl range are classic bowls with a modern twist which will add a splash of colour to your kitchen and are far too lovely to put away in a cupboard.  

The bowls are heavy, sturdy and are the perfect size at 29cm diameter and will definitely withstand the test of time.  I have only had these bowls for a week and have used them on a daily basis for bread, cakes and when they are not in use as a fruit bowl.  The bowls are the perfect shape for any type of baking and the embossed hearts enable you to grip the bowl securely unlike other bowls I have used.

This is definitely a bowl for food lovers and would make the perfect gift for someone that loves to bake or a great wedding gift idea.  I truly recommend these bowls...



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