Monday 12 March 2012

Lisa Faulkner - Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter

What a wonderful cookbook, I have way over a 100 in my collection so I do know a good one when I see it!

Not only is this a lovely book full of inspiring recipes and beautiful photos it is also very autobiographical.  It tells a wonderful story of Lisa Faulkner's fond memories of sitting at a kitchen table, watching her mother as she stirred cake mixture, rolled out pastry or prepared roasts.

This book has a wide selection of recipes suitable for all skill levels.  The book is divided into seasons,  with suitable recipes for all occasions.  I can't begin to tell you which are my favourite recipes as there are so many to choose from.

Overall this is a brilliant book, with delicious recipes, beautiful photos with a lovely personal touch from Lisa Faulkner, I highly recommend you buy this book.

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